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SO ... what *used* to be my personal profile located at Facebook/JohnMusser is now what I wanted to be located at Facebook/MyLifeandTimes.Org ... I've sent Facebook an SOS to see if they can help. I'll keep you posted.
  • I sent a note to Facebook via their "deactivated account appeal form." (This is a form which is most likely to be used if THEY deactivate your account, but it is the only interactive form I can find on the site to communicate with anyone):
Here's the story:

The account was deactivated because I screwed up. But *I* deactivated it after being interrupted with the intent of returning the next day to continue the "conversion" process."

After I returned, I found something preventing me from (what I thought was) reactivating it and creating a community page from my personal profile (7000+ friends and followers makes following my newsfeed a bitch). I am hoping you can fix my screw-up.

*I deactivated the account* with the intent of returning to setting it up the next day (merging my personal profile to a page (friends and followers, like 7000+) so I figured it was time to merge the blog to it.

THE PROBLEM: You guys do it, AND so does the "WebsiteBuilder" which I use on my site hosted at "GoDaddy" (obviously the site is mylifeandtimes.org).

So here's what happened:

https://www.facebook.com/JohnMusser <= this was my original profile which I was attempting to turn into a page to be connected to my blog and is now the page holding my (intended blog readers). GoDaddy's "Website Builder" has a feature which, as it turns out CREATES a page (I don't believe it CONVERTS the page like your feature does) it just creates a whole new page ... and therein lies my problem: The URL "/JohnMusser" is now my "page" containing the folks I accumulated ... but it was supposed to be: https://www.facebook.com/MyLifeandTimes.Org (which exists but ... is just kinda sitting there ... deactivated). That's the page I created via GoDaddy's WebsiteBuilder.

THE PROBLEM CAME ABOUT WHEN: I was interrupted mid-converting-process and lost track of what I was doing after I came back the next day to continue.

As follows:
BTW: Fortunately, I *did* successfully create a personal profile/page and should be able to create to keep in contact with family and friends.
But I would still like to move the "/JohnMusser" into the "MyLifeandTimes.Org" page.
I created the page: https://www.facebook.com/MyLifeandTimes.Org with GoDaddy's WebsiteBuilder, with the intent of merging "/JohnMusser" into it.

I was interrupted, and deactivated it until I could return to the process the next day, which I did.

When I reactivated "/MyLifeandTimes.Org" (via Facebook) and returned to the process of "converting profile to a page," I did so CONTINUING to use FACEBOOK's page conversion tool (and not GoDaddy's).


I could not for the life of me figure out why I couldn't merge JohnMusser to MyLifeandTimes.Org per your instructions when it had been going so SMOOTHLY the day before!

So now what was SUPPOSED to be located at: https://www.facebook.com/MyLifeandTimes.Org is located at: https://www.facebook.com/JohnMusser ...

Can you relocate /JohnMusser to /MyLifeandTimes.Org (which is what I was trying to do but messed up)?

Very respectfully,
John Musser
... blah blah blah ... email, phone numbers, etc.

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