Doctors Are Afraid

IN FEBRUARY of 2023, I got "shingles" on my left hand.  I wrote the bulk of this in March.

I had unbelievable pain in my left hand for nearly 6 months because doctors have been pressured by the media coverage of "the opioid crisis" into being scared and afraid of "getting accused of something" if they find it necessary to prescribe effective painkillers (properly).  They now think and preach that "pain is necessary" and other such bullshit proclamations.  

Your homework is to watch this movie:

"Why You Can't Get Adequate Pain Relief Any Longer"

It's been almost a month since I was diagnosed and all I have been prescribed is 50 5/325 Percocets ... that's it.  And, during the 1st 3 weeks, after having taken from 8 to 18 Feb, 11 days, she felt that was a lot.  Granted, I only have pain in my left hand - BUT IT'S A LOT! Jam needles in your hand and then set it on fire.  That's what it feels like.

I had sent her an e-mail when I had maybe 10 left in the 2nd bottle, taking only 4 per day ( ... these are only 5mg of oxycodone, mind you!) and was going to run out over the weekend (again).  The first prescription (x30) ran out on a Sunday and wasn't refilled until *Tuesday* (x20), so I was trying to avoid that.  It took too long, she was on an extended weekend or something, Rx was refilled too late ... it ran out.  Not fun. 

Remember, so far I had been prescribed only 50 which, at 4 per day, would only last 12.5 days.  I had taken 2 at night the first 2 days, so they lasted fewer than that.  My hand *still* hurts unnecessarily as I type this and prevents a good night's sleep (Tylenol/acetaminophen does not work well enough).  

Apparently, we are now to "embrace pain." Isn't it a coincidence that this change happens after the big "opioid" crisis over the past years.  I guess that means *everybody* is an addict now and *nobody* knows how to manage their medicine.

Her quote: 

"I'm sure the pain is miserable, but hopefully it is improving every day.  You've been given 50 Percocet - which is a LOT.  I am not inclined to keep giving  you more.  I will not be able to completely eliminate your pain. Our goal is to make it tolerable."

I doubt she would like to hear that from her dentist before getting a root canal.

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