Are You This Person?

Seeking one or more financial donations and/or sponsors for the purpose of enabling me to spend more time and work on projects such as:
  • Helping the unavoidably homeless.  If you are reading this, you aren't one of these people.
  • "Writing Wrongs" wherever they may be.
  • Writing short stories and poems for young children in order to encourage reading over playing video games and engaging in mindless chatter on their cellphones.
  • Mastering and accomplishing the brain-straining procedure of properly writing a straight-on screenplay for presentation to various folks or entities -- or folks who work for said entities.
    Sure, I could always write a book and wait for someone to find it and turn it into a screenplay, but who *hasn't* done that.  You've done that, right?  :)  I have no less than 7 ideas for historically world-changing movies or television productions which give me daily headaches as they try to emerge from brain through arm, hand, finger and pen onto paper.
The right person understands the importance of these endeavors as well as the dedicated, uninterruped time required to accomplish them to any effective degree and will see fit to donate a few dollars.

If this describes you: