Survey *says* ...

I'm interested in your opinion:

Which kind of bag do you prefer to use during your Every Day Carry (EDC)? 
  • Back-pack?
  • Wheeled bag (the kind w/a retractable handle)?
  • Tote bag?
  • Messenger bag?
  • Briefcase?
  • Purse?
  • Just your pockets?
  • A bag from someplace you've never shopped (except maybe for one of their bags)?
  • Plastic bag from your pharmacy or grocery store?


Whichever style you prefer:  
  1. Why do you prefer it over the other styles?  
  2. Have you ever used one style and switched to another?  Why was that?  
  3. What are your opinion(s) about the other 'methods of carrying' your EDC?
If you'd rather not be "identified,"  you may reply/post anonymously in the comments below (I'm pretty sure you can comment anonymously ... if not, lemme know).

I have been watching 'bag people' (those of us who carry bags to/from work) during the AM and PM Metro runs.  There are definitely more people who do than don't use a bag of some type.  I have been asking people (yep, total strangers who, after I convince them I'm not nuts, nor am I working for Jimmy Fallon or Kimmel or whoever) for their opinion(s) about the different kinds of bags people use (and the one *they* use).  Before I post the pictures of the 'bag people' I've been collecting and what I'm finding out, I'd like to get your opinion.  And stuff.

Please provide your answers, feedback, and emotional outbursts where it says "Comments" ... click on the link to "Post a comment" below.

Thanks in advance.  Film at 11.


Anonymous said...

I use the cammobag they issued to me. Served me well over there and it's like a member of the family like a brother and it holds everything.

Anonymous said...

backpack on one shoulder. both shoulders and I look like a soldier

Steve From The Future said...

I use a messenger bag from SBC

Anonymous said...

Don't travel far so i don't need anything

Anonymous said...

Backpack. To each his own.

Innovative Journaling said...

DaVinci bag!