The Thumper Theory

Use of double-negatives aside, I don't think many people have this "theory" in mind so much anymore, let alone use it on a daily basis:

With various perceived new evils running amok of late, there is a resurgence of the idea that "silence is acceptance" or something like that.  It seems the thought is now widely held that something must be said to the face of unjust ideology or wrongful speech, etc. 

Personally, I like Thumper's lesson taught to him by his Daddy that morning, but I have also always liked the passive-agressive way some folks from America's 'South' put it:  "Bless your heart."

If you hear or see someone say or do something that, in your opinion, rrrrrrrreally needs to be ... corrected ... rather than 'saying nothing at all' or saying something to someone that may hurt their feelings or otherwise offend or cause further unpleasantness, simply say (with a smile): 

"Bless your heart."


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