What bothers you?

Bill Murray, Actor and Urban Legend

Stuff that bothers me ...
  1. The year goes too fast. 
    It's almost like the Bill Murray movie "Groundhog Day." 
    Wasn't it just this time, last year?  Two years ago, even?  It's a blur.

  2. Commercials.  Period. 
    I know why they're there, but there's gotta be a better way.

  3. People who drive in the left lane until too late to get off at their exit without causing a traffic slowdown for miles behind them. 
    Some people just make a mistake, I get that. 
    But those with no regard for those behind them bother me.  Tailgaters fit in here, too.

  4. Chinese fountain pen prices are going up astronomically.  $1 a year or so ago, $3 now!?

  5. Reading about and listening to a politically polarized nation and not knowing if there's any difference between 2019 and 1969.  (Look here:  Headlines from 1969)

  6. People who take too long to answer their e-mails.

  7. People who hardly use e-mail anymore because, in their personal and work-life, they are able to communicate with everyone in their life via text messages or some other texting application on their smartphone.

  8. People who don't use e-mail. At all.

  9. People who lie.  If you slept late, just say so.  If you don't like something, just say so.

  10. The time it takes for new seasons to be completed and released on Netflix
    I have a rule:  a program has to have been running for at least two seasons with a fourth on the way before we'll start watching Season 1, Episode 1.
    I might expand that to 3.

  11. People in charge of stuff who clearly shouldn't be in charge of said stuff.

  12. The meager salaries paid to elementary and secondary school teachers.  Our teachers are a back-up to failed parenting. 
    The limitations placed upon them over the past 20 years or so is the cause of many of the problems in our country
    Maybe not some of the bigger ones, but maybe those problems, too.

  13. The fact that I'm not able to add to this list of what really bothers me in the words I really want to use because I'm not yet at a point in my life and career where I'm willing to accept the possibility that I'll have to meet and deal with someone with whom I'd rather not meet nor deal.  But there are some sissy-ways around that.

I recently watched a Netflix documentary about the actor Bill Murray.  It explores the urban legends about the actor 'showing up randomly' in various places around the country and, in a very low key manner, engaging with the public and always brightening up the lives of those with whom he shares his time. 
In that documentary, the filmmaker points out a recurring improvisation theme in many of Mr. Murray's movies (he is famous for improvising lines in his movies) - which seem to parallel his personal philosophy.  It is one that I would like to embrace more fully:

"It just doesn't matter."  -- Bill Murray


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