Do you need to relax? Look at this:

This is a non-moving image.  Or is it?  Maybe you're just stressed!

Without having researched the origins of this image, I reposted it here because its journey around Facebook spreads the message that stressed people will see movement, non-stressed people will not.

The post was then re-edited this morning (it was originally just this image because I think it's so cool) because I've run across some examples of people who need to CTFO or CTFD (did I just make those up or are kids using those already?).

On this particular morning, after reading so many arguments and accusations about so many numerous silly things (both on various news outlet posts as well as on Facebook -- although there doesn't seem to be much of a difference lately!), my trip-wire went off (hence this post) after a particularly significant swat during my 'morning surf.'

First, some background:

3 pens featuring the signatures of the signers of the Declaration of Independence

I use fountain pens.  Solely.  Just fountain pens.  I might sometimes sign a purchase receipt in the store with the Bic (or whatever) is handed to me, but even then sometimes I'll use a fountain pen.  I began using them in early 2017 for various reasons and just found the experience so ... enjoyable and enriching (?) that I made the concious decision to go all the way.  So I guess I'm a "fountain pen geek."

Some more fountain pens
Now, that said:

To learn more about fountain pens, find good deals, learn about where to find good pens and vintage ones, I scour eBay, Amazon, a few stationery stores and a few online pen stores (some with a brick and mortar presence, some who are only online).  I also joined a few Facebook groups populated by fountain pen geeks like me.  SIDENOTE:  Interestingly, but probably not surprising to many other than *me,* some of these Facebook groups appear to have been discreetly created *by* some of the online and brick & mortar store-people who sell fountain pens!  Duh!  Who'da thought?

Back to my point:  most of the "Fountain Pen People" have been all, with this one new exception, extremely enjoyable and engaging folks with a plethora of reasons for preferring to use fountain pens.  Most all have stories to tell and questions to ask which are (almost) always interesting to read about.  I visit one or two of these groups on an almost daily basis as part of my nightly (or morning, in the case of days off and weekends) Facebook feed-surf and often find some very interesting discussions, etc.  Many times someone will ask a question in a group and folks are always quick to help out with answers.

Except, apparently, for my question to the Admin of a Facebook group about a question posted to her group (of which I am, sadly, no longer able to call myself 'a member') called "Cheap Thrills: Fountain Pens Under $20."  I only name the group because ... well ... I wanted to.

Now, mind you, while most of the pens discussed in this group aren't all that thrilling, it's the fact that one can get a hold of fountain pens and related items for less than twenty bucks (when they are sold elsewhere for *more* than that) is an attractive idea -- something you might want to know about, right?  So that's why I joined the group.

Here's how I ended up not being in this little group for fans of cheap fountain pens:

First off, here's the Admin-Nazi's rules.  You need to read them to understand the question someone asked and then *my* question which resulted in my being threatened with banishment for questioning authority :

Cheap Pen Group Admin-Nazi's rules:

Earlier this morning (last night, maybe) a person posted a question to the group:  

"If you had $50 dollars, what would you buy?"  

Initially, you might think this directly violates the "$20 Rule," but does it?!  I was *immediately* a fan of this person's question because it livened up the otherwise rather dull and repetitive drone of the group.

See, while the group rule states " -- it's just that $20 or less has to have left your pocket, no more," one must assume that this person could be asking about multiple "less than $20" purchases which total $50 or less ... maybe over several days, even.  And certainly the group Admin's rule can't mean that you may only post about the one and only singular time you bought something fountain pen-related and it'd better have been less than $20.  

I asked the person who posted the question:  

"$50 like as in several items under $20, right?"

The group Admin pounced on me:  

"NO!  I've addressed this question MANY times before, $20 is $20, blah blah blah ... if you cannot understand this you will be removed from the group!" 

"Ah!  Thank you for the explanation," I replied, "my Facebook feed has grown a bit too long -- and in your group's case:  in the tooth." and I quietly faded away.  

I'm pretty sure that, had I answered the Nazi-lady, I'd have been justifiably booted from her group for pouncing back ... it's her group, assaults aren't tolerated, I wouldn't think (in addition to any numbers bigger than 20).

Interestingly, the lady who posted the question "If you had $50 dollars, what would you buy?" is still there.  The moderator who echoed my thought and inferred "You talking about pens cheaper than $20 and maybe some ink, etc.?" (and answered her at length!) generate no response.  It must be just me.  

I'm such a troublemaker.


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