Please advise:

5 Reasons Why Your Opinion Matters
Dear reader, dear reader, please don't be shy.
Please let me know that you've stopped by.
You needn't reveal your name or address.
You can tell me I suck and remain "Anonymous!"
To make known what it is that you want to read:
Type your comment after reading, that's the key deed.

It certainly helps to propel this blog
to know that others read it
other than my Mom and my Dog.
Just a word.  Like "Stupid!" or even a "Yes!"
would assist a great deal
in continuing this daily mess.

You see, it's this blog and these words
that you are reading right now
which, somehow, can help frayed nerves
or smooth a furrowed brow.

But, if you choose not to let me know you're a'readin
and my ulcers from all the stress keep on a'bleedin
and then my blood pressure puts the cow t'shame
then I'll croak.   And you'll be t'blame!

... wow, that was a stretch, wasn't it?
Did I really have to bring in "Death?!"
No -- not really but I needed a fifth thing.
And I was running out of words & brain-breath.

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My hooked on phonics has really helped reading ability. I read this everyday...... I read cereal boxes too. Thanks hooked on phonics.