"What's Going On?"

I sat down to try to write something intelligent or at least interesting about the craziness going on in the country and around the world, but it's hard.  It's hard mainly because I can't figure out what *is* going on.

Just like when Duke sits in my lap or on the desk and seems to be asking me "What's going on?" while I'm reading, writing, surfing the interwebs or my 'Facebook News Feed' (depending on whether or not you're posting anything fun and interesting!), I am *also* sitting here reading various accounts of various events in various parts of the planet we're all shading and I'm wondering:  "What's going on?"

My question "What is going on?" does not mean, "Hey man!  What's up?  What's goin' on with things?  Is everything okay with you?!"  I mean it more like. "What the (expletive of choice) is going on?!" or "What the (same expletive) are you *doing?*" or "What the (ditto) were you *thinking?!*"

Yeah, she has it about right.

I'm asking this question of all the people I'm reading about lately.  People in other countries, people in our own country in ... 'Charlottesville,' was it? ... in Spain recently, and, occasionally when I find a piece that isn't more dry than day-old toast and I am more interested in than bored with any given individual, I wonder about the people who are supposed to be running the country and what is going on with *them?!*

Then, of course, there's all the suspect 'news' reporting by 'news reporters' and other media outlets regarding this same question (gotta love the televised chat-circles of people who sit around and talk about what's going on in the world instead of just telling me what happened) all of whom I assume are biased towards furthering the opinions and end goals of whoever owns them (usually involved in making money) and NONE of whom seem to be agreeing with anybody else regarding the "what's going on" question.  Wow, that was a long sentence.

I mean, I'm not so naive as to think that people haven't been fighting with other people and killing each other since ... forever ... just look at this list.  But it seems to be getting a little whacko lately.  And I don't get it.  

What I'm thinking is that maybe it's the way that all of this information is being delivered to me?  To us, to America and to the world?  It's a little hard for me to judge for myself what's going on or why, because everyone else seems to already know and it's apparently their job to explain it to me ... and to everyone (or at least to anyone else who'll listen).

Ahhhhhhhh!  Therein may be the answer.  "Don't listen!"

Fortunately, while trying to figure this out, I found this educational piece below which clearly (to me, anyway) explains why "what's going on" may not be making any sense to me ... by explaining the history of transatlantic flights, globs of snot and thought germs:

So, in order to save space in my own brain, I won't be listening to as much anymore.


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