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My Facebook account was not hacked and the request you may have received from me recently "really is from me."

What I did was moosh my old Facebook page into this blog.

The problem with that is twofold:

  • I've lost all the stuff I've been posting for ? years.

  • Even though I downloaded a copy of all my data, etc., there is apparently nothing to do with it (you can't upload it to a new page, etc.  My guess is that if the FB people actually enabled that, on the day they announced it's availability, their servers would crash.  So they're probably having a lot of meetings about how to do that smoothly.

​If you're a "Facebooker" you'll have an invite in your box soon (if you haven't received it already) to 'refriend' me on the new personal page I made for "personal stuff."

If you're the paranoid-type overly concerned about Facebook hackers, you might be reassured by the image below (although a good hacker intent on faking a profile could steal any image they wanted, I suppose, right?

Here goes nuthin!