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Fixed the blog today.

 (It was seriously broke!)

Since fixing this thing kicked my butt today, I point you to some other posts you may not have yet gotten around to reading.  

A quick note about the current graphic above:  

I happened upon it coincidentally after a 1-sided chat with someone who didn't like something I wrote - which they may or may not have felt indirectly referred to them.  Although they may have missed the message I was trying to convey (entirely my fault since I wrote it), they obviously didn't like what they thought they understood and officially told me so in no uncertain

 terms that they thought it was "unprofessional."

This person probably would have been communicating their feelings more accurately had they said:

"I would have liked you to not make me look so bad and you could have used nicer words that weren't so "direct." 

I thought that this graphic "said it all."  

Which is:  If you want people to write (or say) 'warm' things about you, then it's probably not a good idea to do things which tend to have them do the opposite, right?  Kind of a no-brainer, right?

To more important matters:  

If you have taken the time to come this far, you may want to read something else besides my personal rant.

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