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Feedback / E-MAIL (Feed-Mail?)


"Feedback Page"

  • This form is for you to leave any comments or feedback.  

  • Your comments will come to me in the form of an E-MAIL.  

  • They will not automatically post here.  I will, however, re-post them for you if you so desire. 

  • If you wish to provide feedback or make a comment on something (or pick a fight), please indicate this in your email; a subject line which reads "REPOST THIS" would help there.  

  • Cuss me out and, if you ask (nicely), I'll repost it for you.  

  • I don't like "comment block" things - to hard to maintain and clean out spam.  

  • I'll try not to censor any of them as long as you don't insult my family or use any bad words.   M'kay?