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  • Is there really a "Dora" in Client Ops?

  • Is there really a "Client Ops?" 

  • Is Dora tired and can't keep up with her workload?  

  • Did Dora read the blog at MyLifeandTimes.Org?

  • WILL "The Facebook Team" actually figure out how to merge my two pages together (keeping in mind that they have a published page which says they can't and a published page that says they *can*?

Stay tuned MLT readers!  We have 2 weeks to find out!

(What in the world will I find to write about until THEN?!)

So ... as I posted yesterday, I REsubmitted the same request that was submitted to "The Facebook Team" originally who-knows-how-many-days ago (see post from the 6th of this month).

And I was correct, today's post is their answer ... actually, read the clip below carefully.  It is their answer to me, my answer to them, and their answer to me again ... (huh?).

Maybe Dora visited MyLifeandTimes.Org and then said:

"Ooooooooooooooohhhhh!!!  *NOW* I get it!"

Today's e-mail from "Dora, Client Ops," my email to her & Dora's reply.  But you kinda hafta read 'em backwards cuz that's how

e-mails work.  But everybody knows that ... right?

Here's Dora's email to me from this afternoon:

How many gajillion users/accounts/profiles/pages or whatever "The Facebook Team" calls them does Facebook have?

However many gajillion that is, we think that "Dora" of "Client Ops" is wwwaaaaaaaaaay overworked (Facebooks e-mails to us are all signed by Dora) or "Dora" is our very own Facebook "caseworker."   Could Dora's efforts to deal with what must be a bazillion requests for page names and merges be the root of this evil?  We will probably never know.