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So ... I've REsubmitted the same request I submitted to "The Facebook Team" originally (see post from the 6th of this month).  I'm guessing tomorrow's post will be their answer ... stay tuned.

And here's the original "My Life and Times ("MLT") page which was created out of my "John Musser" page:

NO.  They can't do that.  Or:  "We don't currently offer a way to merge two acounts ... " 

Now try searching with "merging pages: 

I suppose it was my fault for just using "merge" instead of "merging."

To be fair, here we learn that there apparently are at least two "definition of terms" issues here; a "PROFILE" and a "PAGE."  Question:  is an "ACCOUNT" another type of ... "page?"  

I don't know ... I'm way too worn out just trying to get them to change my "John Musser" to "John Musser - My Life and Times" and not try to tell me that YOU are TOO STUPID and will now think that the content of the two is somehow different.

So I poked around and found the "Merge Pages" button that I found a few days ago and submitted (when they told me that the names of my pages were too different (One was "John Musser" and one was "My Life and Times."  That's where I submitted the request for the name change.  Get it?

I don't know ... you tell me.  Would the pages below confus you if they were merged into one?

This is the page created for MLT

(to connect with this blog):

Go looking for "merging" in their overdone "Help" section and you will find this rather blunt bit of information:

Did you catch: "The name you requested suggests that what your Page is about has changed, which can be confusing ... " and then my 'name-change request' (at bottom of graphic) which was to change the damned name from "John Musser" to "John Musser - My Life and Times?"

Is it just me?  So, using their own "skewed logic" I changed "John Musser" to "MyLifeandTimes.Org."  Maybe that will work.

Here's another example of

"The Facebook Team" and their clarity:

So here's the latest missive from "The Facebook Team:"