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Scientists placed 5 monkeys in a big cage.

From the top center of the cage, well beyond the reach of the monkeys, they hung a bunch of bananas.

Beneath the bananas: they placed a ladder.

Almost immediately, one of the monkeys spotted the bananas and began to climb the ladder.

As the monkey did so, scientists sprayed the monkey on the ladder as well as the other 4 monkeys with ice cold water from a firehose.

The screaming monkey on the ladder fell off - wet and freezing cold – and the other monkeys sat for a time on the floor - wet, cold, shivering and bewildered - bewildered, but thoughtful.

Soon, the temptation of the bananas became too great, and another monkey began to climb the ladder. Again, the scientists sprayed the ambitious monkey with freezing cold water as well as all the other monkeys.

Screaming angry wet monkeys ... nice.

Then -- a third monkey tried to climb the ladder to reach the bananas.

But! The other monkeys, wanting to avoid the cold spray, pulled him off the ladder and beat the crap out of him!

The scientists then removed one of the monkeys and a new monkey was introduced to the caged monkeys. Spotting the bananas, the new monkey naively began to climb the ladder.

The other monkeys immediately pulled him down and gave him a sound beating. (They beat the crap out of him.)

The scientists then removed a second original monkey from the cage and replaced him with a another new monkey. As with the first new monkey, the 2nd new monkey began to climb the ladder and, again, the other monkeys in the cage immediately pulled him down and beat him up – including the *first* new monkey who had never been sprayed by the fire hose!

By the end of the experiment, all the monkeys were replaced. None of the original monkeys were left. And yet: despite none of them ever experiencing the stabbing cold, wet jetspray blast from the firehose: *none* of them dared to *ever* try for the bananas!


Because that’s they way they’ve always done it around here.

Don't follow the behavior of others in or out of the office just because they say so or "that's the way it's done."

... think for yourself.

Screw 'em.