Been back in the U.S. for a week

(Things I've noticed so far ...)

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Not my photos!  Not my photos! ... I just Googled "America, Europe and Funny" and I found this paintings by an artist named "Lyndon Wade" ... so -- deal with it.

THINGS I HAVE NOTICED (Different/Not different/Good & Bad): 

I was worried, for some reason that people would be rude, but, if nothing else, us Americans here in America are friendlier than we are where my wife and I just came from (U.S. base in Naples, Italy).    

For the past week here, I might say something like "How ya doin?" or "Hey, how are ya?" to a passerby and I have yet to receive a reply of anything but a "Good, you?" or some sort of creative reply (for example, if someone asks me "How ya doin?" I will usually say something like "I"m workin' on it).  

Okay, now that I think about it, not EVERYBODY has been so pleasant; there was the crazy guy on the street in Arlington the other day.  I couldn't tell he was skewed until I said "Hey, how ya doin'?" and be went off:   "<unintelligible> Mammanammalamma blah blah blah <untintelligible> muthafukkah meeno blah blah ..." and making about a million facial expressions in the 5 seconds it took me to pass  him and decide "Okay, probably a good expression to pretend I didn't say anything or see that guy ... matter of fact, it's probably a good idea to pretend I'm invisible ... or maybe I should run."

So that's 1 *better* thing ... so far, the Americans on the street here are more polite than Americans on the street (of the base) overseas.   Italians overseas:  No.  Question.   They could be involved in a conversation over something of the utmost importance ... say -- oh ... the soccer game from the night before  :