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"Blogger's Block."

Who knows.  Since November, so much crap happened.  Not the least of which has been the weather (it was cold).   So that's my excuse (as if I need one) for a gap in entries since mid-November:  crap and cold.

There, now that's been established.

What's new in "My Life & Times" since then?  Mmmmm ... not a whole lot.   A lot like your life, maybe?  Newest "news:"  I'm lookin' for another job (Wait.  I might have been doing that back in November ... hmmm). 

I don't think I applied for very many since November, though.  

In the meantime while you're all waiting with bated breath, here's an important poll for you, click and vote:

Sun, 15 March:  1st Entry Since November 2014 

"The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few."

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