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... and so I have.   Updated resume (which is read over at least once every other day and 'tweaked' frequently for different jobs for which it is intended), networking and "just looking and listening" takes as much effort as a normal job can take.   Doesn't leave a lot of time for "blogging."  NOTE:  (18.4.15)  I don't 'tweak' my resume any longer, I have decided that it's a "reflection of me and what I've done and what I do and I'd like to be hired from *that.*  To "tweak" may have innocent connotations, but still ... it tends to make you emphasize things that you may not be as good at as things that you "play down."

Am I right?

So I amend my earlier goal of updating this thing from "once a day" to "at least once a week" and probably on Saturdays.

One of the fun things about owning a blog:

It's time to get serious with my "job change" efforts ... 


Sat/Sun, 27 & 28.9.14