FINALLY we have gotten around to merging the two FB pages called "My Life and Times."  The first one was a personal profile which became ... not so personal.  So it was turned into "a page."

At some point, I put a "fixed" coverphoto on it and started being all "branded" and calling myself "MLT" and pretending I was an organized entity of some sort.

BWAHhah ... if getting a job and being happy with my "worklife" were as easy as blowing up my Facebook profile into an out of control "page" (I still can't keep track of the difference between "profile," "page," "account" and whatever other term is used to describe what I call "a Facebook page") -- I'd be all set.   I still try to figure out how it got out of control and how I can apply that to my "job search" ... there must be some correlation.

Until I figure it out, I'll just keep "sorting through the junk and BS replies" which have resulted from putting my resume into a "resume distributor" website.  Most recently, some insurance salesman 'recuiter' sent me an e-mail in a very "Amwayesque" manner ... unfortunately, it's hard to hide yourself behind a domain owned by a national insurance company.

I envision my search method as "concentric circles."  But it's getting slow and I do have a "preferred time limit" in which I'd like to switch jobs ... so I'm probabably going to go "shotgun" any day now.

IF YOU ARE A HIRING OFFICIAL and you are looking for someone to fill a creatively-oriented marketing/public relations type of position, my resume is available here  (just below these words).


(you'll need to rename it, I suggest:  "MUSSER, JOHN - RESUME")

It sure would be nice to find "a person's email" in my box rather than one from a "bot" or an Amway person or some lame search engine's regurgitated format (and usually badly formatted) reply which actually is providing me with a link to ANOTHER website at which I am asked to apply AGAIN for the position ... and pay a small fee (to?) ... again.  


Again I ask:  "Where have all the people gone?"

- JM(M) -

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I think my new weekend policy (stay up later on Friday & Saturday nite, get up earlier on Saturday & Sunday morning ... go to bed earlier on Sunday) is working.   As I noted before, even though current info says "an inconsistent sleep pattern is a bad idea," I have decided "they" are wrong.  "Current info" (or "they") used to say that all sorts of stuff was "bad for you" and I'm here to tell you:  "their current info is wrong."   Sleep when you want.  Just be 'smart' about it.

Wendesday, 24.9.14

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