This site contains pretty much what its title implies: stuff from my life and times. 

Currently there is only THIS page, one set aside for random "stuff" and another being used to track this "ALS Ice Bucket Challenge" for a while ... and that's it.  

If you find ERRORS, please provide feedback (bottom of any page allows that, I hope).  

These words will change often.   I'd check back here occasionally if I were you.  I might find out about the whole zombie apocalypse thing and this could be my only way to let you know about it.
                                                                                                     - JM(M) -

We're sorry about the ".org" thing but the guy who owns the ".com" domain has been sitting on it for years and is either unmotivated to do anything with it or he's a "squatter" (waiting for someone to buy it from him).  

Whichever is his issue, we surely wish him the best of luck with that.

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1 September 2014​