Seeking one or more Wealthy Patrons willing and capable of enabling me to work on projects such as:

  • Writing lyrics for musicians

  • Writing short stories and poems for young children intended to encourage a return to reading over playing video games.

  • Learning the brain-straining procedure of writing a straight-on screenplay.  Sure, I could always write a book, but who *hasn't* done that?  I need to be able to spend the time to concentrate and focus on a project aimed at employing Mr. Depp or Mr. Downey do their part in brining one of my projects to either the big or small screen rather than to run my short stories in magazines read by a limited audience or to receive a box of self-published books in the mail.  I have no less than 7 screaming ideas for historically world-changing movies or television productions and they give me headaches daily.

The right person will understand the importance of being able to focus and concentrate all of my attention and efforts on any/all of these daunting endeavors rather than having to get up and slog to work in the mornings to a place where, not only do you lose track of what is important in life, but also where your presence and services are not actually needed because you can be replaced by a monkey with the skill of speech.

No application required.  No screening will be conducted.

If you share my interest in endeavors involving the support of  the arts and preventing Earth's children from turning into chairbound blobs of flesh attached to electronic devices in one way or another, you are the person whom I seek. 

Terms and conditions are extremely liberal:  simply click and donate and I will ask no questions.     

Please click the button below and donate as you see fit.

Thank you in advance!   



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