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... and Ms. Sophia Loren.

As I said, most people find this rearranged pop-dance version, well ... annoying (ask my wife).

But my history with this song and my step-hometown of Casale di Principe kinda bound me to it.  

And Sophia still reigned ...

So there you have it ... a brief musical history of "Gianni Americano" ...      

** UPDATE! **  The annoying dance version which, for some reason the creators had requested to be locked up for quite a while and "for YouTube only" is now available to share!  It's slightly annoying, but the video is kinda cool.  

... but I still liked Sophia's version.  This one was pretty good, though. 

​Then, surfing around Youtube a few years later ... probably more than a few, I found a version done by one of my favorite musicians and his band at a concert of theirs recorded, of all places, in Japan.   

I was "Johnny Americano."  

And I would often hear people singing a particular song all the time - or parts of it - (when I was around) that I called "Americano."  It had a toe-tappy kinda catchy rhythm and tune but, all I could make out of the words -- since I didn't understand Italian -- was something about "I wanna be an Americano," and something about "Baseball, and Whiskey and Soda."  

​*Then* ... when I found out that Sophia Loren, my 1st childhood "celebrity crush" (who am I kidding, I still love this woman and she's almost 80 as I write this) sang this song in one of her movies, I *really* liked the song. ​​

Then I found out that there was an original version by a guy named 'Renato Carosone' called "Tu vuò fà l'americano" or "You Want to Be American."

Not long after I arrived in Italy (in June of 2003) and moved into my 1st apartment, the neighbor kids dubbed me "Johnny Americano" or, more likely, "Gianni" Americano.  They'd wave and yell "Wey!  Gianni Americano!" as I came and went.  I liked it.  

 ( ... not necessarily in any sort of dated or chronological order. )

"Wey!  Gianni Americano!"

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